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Faculty and Staff

The best and most valuable resources of any school are its PEOPLE. Our students, faculty and staff are our treasures.

Our faculty members are listed below along with their e-mail addresses and links to their websites, if they have created one. More websites are coming soon.

LSVI Director: Mrs. Leslie Bello (
Principal: Mrs. Melanie Eaton (


Faculty Name E-Mail Address Website Link
Lauren Alba (Librarian, English, STC)  Click here
Cayla Bennett (Elementary)  
Sarah Berard (Spanish)  Click here
Kristen Brooks (Elementary)   
Celeste Cahill (Elementary)  Click here
Jeanette Campos (Elementary)  Click here
Susan Covington (HS English)  
Stacy Cox (O&M)  
Mary Cranford (Speech Therapist)  Click here
Betty Dupont (Alt-Track)  
Michael Durham (Music)  Click here
Blanche Faulk (O&M; Outreach)  
Joe Wayne Fontaine (Business, English)  Click here
Jennifer Gaudet (PE)  Click here
Anna Gayle (Braille,Art, World History)   Click here
Renee Griffin (Alt-Track)  
Louis Hilliard (Alt-Track)  Click here
Karen Johnson (Living Skills)  
Leslie Lancaster(Counselor)   
Saundra Manuel (Social Studies) Click here
Linda Martin (Interventionist)  
Vicki McCarroll (Braillist, Math, Business)   Click here
Nabiha Mujahid (Math)  Click here
Chelsie Munson (MS English)  Click here
Jason Norris (PE)  Click here
Ganetta Savoy (Science)
Kelson Swancy (Elementary)  
George Thompson (Technology)  Click Here
Robin Vidrine (Math)  Click here
Regan Wild (Elementary)  


Louisiana School for the Visually Impaired
2888 Brightside Lane
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

School Office: (225) 757-3481
Director's Office: (225) 757-3482