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The 2016-17 school year has flown by at LSVI.  During the month of March, we had a very busy schedule.  We started the month on a high note after returning to school from the Mardi Gras break.  The end of the 9 weeks was soon upon us and then ACT testing began.  Kinder Camp was the weekend of the 24th, next came ACT Work Keys and finally a celebration to end the month…Prom.  What a great night!  The high school students attended in their best dressed attire ready for all the wonderful food, festive decorations and fun music.  The Prom Committee did a wonderful job making the event such a success.  Even the elementary students get to join in prom festivities at LSVI when they get dressed up and celebrate MORP (Prom spelled backwards) the next day.  Our students definitely have their fill of great food and plenty of fun events!  April, like March, is packed full of Spring activities and begins with the elementary Easter egg hunt, followed by our much anticipated talent show and then the Spring Festival, which is all the talk around school now. Before we know it, May will be here and we’ll all be ready to celebrate another fun time: summer break.  

 Leslie Lancaster

School Counselor    

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