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School Counseling Program


·         School Counseling Program

o   Mission Statement

§  The mission of Louisiana School for the Visually Impaired Counseling Program is to provide a data-driven, comprehensive counseling curriculum that addresses students’ academic, career, and personal/social growth. The program is designed to promote the overall achievement of all students while fostering a caring, challenging, and safe learning environment.

o   Program Goals

§  Academic Goal: Students will acquire the attitude, knowledge, and skills that contribute to grade promotion and high school graduation.

§  Career Goal: Students will acquire knowledge of the relationship between personal qualities, education, training, and the world of work.

§  Personal/Social Goal: Students will acquire and apply knowledge, attitudes, and skills that promote personal wellness, healthy relationships, and good school citizenship.

o   Beliefs and Philosophy

§  The counselor believes:

·         All students have individual needs and differences that should be addressed.

·         All students have the right to equal access to a comprehensive school counseling program.

·         All students have the right to knowledge and skills that promote academic, career, and personal/social growth.

§  The school counseling program should:

·         Use data to drive program development and identify student needs

·         Be designed to deliver interventions based on the needs assessment data of students, teachers, and administrators

·         Be based on specific goals, as prescribed by the Louisiana School Counseling Model

·         Include collaboration with school faculty, counselors, schools for the blind, and parents

§  The counselor should:

·         Abide by the professional school counseling ethics established by the American School Counselor Association

·         Advocate for the equitable treatment of all students by working to eliminate barriers to learning, achievement, and personal development

·         Continuously assess program effectiveness and adjust program components as necessary


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